Mission statement



a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like.

Lifes best people are those that come with a cool or interesting story. The believers, the achievers, the visionaries, the entrepreneurial! Those that believe in their brand and their self worth as a human being.

Our brand and mission is to represent those that take chances and make us love em for it. The people that change the world in their own way, the heroes and unsung heroes as well. This brand is for the visionaries.

Co-Founder Eddie Muriel

Having worked in fashion for 15+ years, he is no stranger to streetwear. He began freelancing in 2005 for different companies and doing custom outfit sampling for many people including "Chris Rivers"( Big Puns son) and popular spanish reggae artists (Big Mato & SP Killa Muzik). Eddie has done tech packaging,label packaging, graphic design and silk screening for many including "Sean John, Unk Jeans & Phat Farm". Taking all that experience with him in the game, he decided along with other Co-Founder "Alex Diaz" to start a brand of their own.

Co-Founder Alex "El Nino" Diaz

Alex "El Nino" Diaz is a worldwide known b-boy (breakdancer). Having been around Hip Hop all his life, he grew a passion for streetwear. Being a b-boy for over two decades, he's seen the fashion trends come and go. With a vision to have a clothing line that bridged the gap between streetwear fashion and b-boy fashion "Visionary Lifestyle Clothing" was born. Eddie with his fashion experience and Alex with his eye for what the dance community and street community would like, together they've combined to bring a quality clothing brand to the dance/street market.